Monday, February 11, 2008

Uh, it has been a while, hasn't it?

I decided that even if I don't have much to share I should probably write something in this darn blog anyway because it has been so long! Of course, the reason I should not be writing (and the reason I haven't been writing) is that I have to do so much stuff around the house right now. I have a bunch of Ikea packages in the other room just waiting for assembly.

You see, our house is a disaster area and there is so much to be done to be ready for baby in April/May. The weight of this has been great and I've been trying to get a lot done. Needless to say, plenty of other things get in the way, so I don't get every thing done as quickly as I'd like.

I haven't gotten around to photographing much lately, so I can't even show you works in progress or anything. I mean, I could, but I can't justify the time and, well, more importantly: I'm lazy.

I did finish the two sweaters I made for a friend of mine for her baby shower. I made two of the Placket-Neck Pullovers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. They came out like so:

Here's a closeup of those cute ladybug buttons:

I have to admit that I hate uploading photos. I think they enhance the reading experience, so I do it, but I don't like waiting for them to come up and they really mess up the formating of the site when I do it. I'm sure there's some trick to this.....

Anyway, the sweaters, as promised by the book, were very quick to knit. This pleased me greatly. I chose to do them in acrylic because they're washable. I know, I know, there are arguments against that, but that's what I did. I also liked that I could get bright colors. I don't really love working in pastels anyway, but my friend doesn't know what kind of baby she's getting out of this deal, so I went w/ non-pastels since I think it offers a greater palette for non-gender specific colors.

My last bit of knitting news is that I did something very fun with my SnB group on Saturday. We went on a field trip and this was just what the doctor ordered for this knitter! We have had so much snow and gross weather that many of us in the Chicago area have been pretty housebound. So, on Saturday we went to a few places outside of the city to check out knitting and spinning goods and I really enjoyed the people I was with, the scenery, and the stores. Good stuff.

Maybe in my next post (or in my next life) I'll even post a picture of the two whole skeins I got!

Now, on to Ikea!