Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Give Up

I apparently can't update with any kind of regularity. It does mostly have to do with my hesitation to even begin to upload photos here. I am just lacking in the kind of patience that will take me right now.

What am I up to? I am making a Montego Bay scarf (Rav link) out of Happy Hands Toe Jamz sock yarn -- colorway "Pictures of Lily." I hope that link will work to make up for the fact that I cannot bring myself to do photos. I will find it in me again eventually. Right now, though, to write this I am actively ignoring the two year old who is throwing shoes on the floor in a heap. Yes, I am a baaaad mother, but right now I need a break, since I have been trying to get him to take a nap for the past 3 hours. Joy. I will admit that I am not enjoying this stage too much. So it goes -- I know it'll pass. Just want to know: when??

When I have a moment to give some actual attention to a project (rare, but an occasional 10 minutes here or there), I am also working on the Fern Garden Scarf from Bad Cat Designs (Ravelry link). I am doing it in a kind of cayenne colored Jade Sapphire's Lacey Lamb and am loving it. Well, I don't know how I'll feel about the scarfy/shawl thing because I am new to the nupps. I do know that the yarn is soft and dreamy. I hope that it doesn't pill too much -- that is a definite concern for me.

Other than that, I've been working on the business plan and that's taking all of my so-called free time. I need to stop here to figure out what the heck my son is up to. This is definitely a lame post, but at least I did it! Ciao for now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, so my posting isn't going so swimmingly. I have figured out a project, and even been working on it for a while. I have been doing the Cavendish blanket, or an approximation thereof. (That's a Ravelry link.) I have been wanting to do that blanket for a long, long time now and finally have a reason -- too bad it's such a bummer reason. I say it's an approximation because, honestly, I can't find the Noro book that has it (it's floating around here somewhere), so I looked at the photos of it online and figured out the pattern. I am pretty sure I did anyway. So, I'm chugging away at it. My friend doesn't know about it yet. I haven't called her for an update in quite a while, either. All I know is that as of the last time we spoke, the doctors said that she did not have to have her fingers amputated, which is exactly what she was hoping for. Ugh. The lame-o thing here is that I have some photos of the yarn, but none of the current WIP and none of them are loaded on here yet. That takes me so much time, for some reason, and as I believe I mentioned in my last post, is a big reason why I never post.

In other news, I am working on a business plan to start a yarn store in my neighborhood. I think I might be crazy. We'll see.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Carrying a Torch

Well, then. It has been a while, hasn't it? It's funny how we've come full circle. I started this thing for the purpose of blogging about the project I wanted to do as part of the last winter Olympics' knitting Olympics kal thing that the Yarn Harlot does. As it turned out, I'm a little, well ... slow ... and the Olympics had been the year before. I don't pay too much attention, etc. We'll ignore that. And now, here we are: back at the Winter Olympics. I can't actually participate this time around, because I cannot possibly find the time. I wish I could.....

So, here I am, more than two years after my last post. Every time I'd thought of writing over the past few months, I've thought: 1) I don't really have much to say and 2) wouldn't it be better to just wait until the 2 year mark? Why? No idea. I probably would have let the 2 year mark blow right by, because I haven't been able to knit too much lately, but even when I do, managing to upload photos has been ridiculously impossible. This is because of the munchkin I had almost two years ago. He has been a major time suck. He's evil. Ha. Just kidding. I'm crazy about him, but I do have a hard time getting too much done that takes any kind of attention.

Something happened, though, that made me want to write. One of my best friends called me today and told me that she had had a second catastrophic accident. Yes, a second. This is the friend who taught me to knit. She is passionate about so many things that one does with one's hands -- she knits, woodworks, cooks. Yet, something happened last week that may have destroyed her only good remaining hand (her other having been shattered in an accident). I am still processing this information and she is still definitely in denial, or at least a state of hope that maybe isn't reasonable. Anyway, I can't stand the thought that I'm so far from her and there isn't a damn thing I can do for her. So, what shall I do? Knit, of course. I'm trying now to figure out what. I'm thinking a blanket of some sort would be comforting. Suggestions?