Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh Boy!

We're back! We just returned on Tuesday from our three week trip to Europe and I have been exhausted. Hopefully I will get over this soon and start posting some photos of the yarn that I bought, the stores we visited, and the places we saw while we were away (that being the order of importance, of course!). This really gives me a new appreciation for all the people who go on trips and blog while tripping or even immediately after. Phew!

I have so much stuff to dig through still, a kitchen to clean (that was mostly finished just before we left town), and photos to download before I can do this, though. I also received my Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club package and have not . . . gasp! . . . opened it yet. My mom is out of town and I promised to wait to open it until she got back. Since I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with how much stuff there is to do here it is an easier thing to agree to. Of course, I admit that I checked how many days she'd be gone before I agreed to any such thing. I am not about to promise waiting for all that long! I can't even read the RSC posts right now because I don't want to know what's in the package!! But, my mom will be back tomorrow so I will get to finally see it. Hooray!!

So, hopefully a post tomorrow with some pictures, etc. We will be beginning with Ireland.

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