Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two Down!!

Well, since I'm not doing any Christmas knitting, really, I've not been too bad at getting my projects done. I finished the two tulip sweaters that I was doing for the two little girls. Hopefully I'll find out today if they liked them. Well, I'm sure the baby won't actually care, but you know what I mean. I guess I mean, I'll hopefully find out if their mom liked them.

Apparently the 3 year old met the baby (who came into the world on Sunday) and wanted to feed her, so that seems like a good sign. It was my desire in creating two of these things that the 3 year old would feel special too, since I imagine it will be hard for her to deal with a new sibling. It always is, right?

A note to those of you considering doing the tulip for the bigger kids: I made some modifications. Remember that I used the Coldwater Collaborative version of the pattern, rather than Dream in Color's. For some reason, CC thought that DiC's version was wrong - something to do with the shoulders, I think. So, change 1) CC didn't change the portion of their directions regarding the i-cord edging from that of the smaller version of tulip. In the smaller version of the tulip sweater, only picking up one stitch while turning the corner was enough, but you need more than that when you do the big one. This is probably obvious. And more importantly, 2) I changed the way that the sweater closes. I decided that there was no way that a little tie around the neck was going to be sufficient to hold that bigger sweater together, so I added a button band. I am glad that I did this, because I think it makes for a much more practical, warmer sweater. However, it wrought some havoc with the look of the sweater in that the connection between the i-cord edging at the neck of the sweater and the edging around the sides of the fronts was a little awkward and not as pretty as I'd like. But, it's not so bad that I'm going to undo it and/or be unhappy about it.

Last, proof of how cold it has been around here (gratuitous shot of cats):

These guys (all of them, actually) have been huddling together more. It's pretty darn cute.

Oh, and proof that I'm not the only crazy knitter: http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119766934184930123.html?mod=blog

I had seen buttons for this but didn't know what it was. How freaking funny!!


sarah b. said...

omg is that your yellow couch??? I love it! (the cats are sooo cute, as well!) have you been going to the kopi snb regularly? maybe i'll pop in there some time.... happy holidays!!!

Knitting Mama said...

I saw your post on the RSC blog - when are you due in 2008? I'm also having a 2008 baby - in June. (It'll be my 2nd child - my first one only turns 1 today!)

Happy Knitting!

Knitting Mama said...

My email address is graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com if you want to email me back from future comments on your blog :) I know - I wish blogger allowed direct email response! What's your email so I can respond as well? Email it to me! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

What cute kitties. Ours have been more cuddly too...geez it is cold.