Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Will it ever end?

I am STILL finishing up my Hey Diddle, Diddle blanket.... I have finished knitting it and have FINALLY woven in all the ends. Happily, I did get the camera out and deal with it, so here is a sample of what I had to work with:

I have blocked it and am fairly pleased with it. This is a terrible picture, of course, so you can't really see anything, nor can you tell that I've blocked it, but I promise--I have. I still have to do some embroidery. I have to put the details on the faces and some stars on the blanket. I will add that while the book does show where to apply much of the embroidery, it does not show everything -- like the violin strings and bow. Also, it does show approximately where the stars go, but it does not show the exact location and size of them all. Yes, I am capable of working this out on my own, but it would be so much easier to just be told where to put these things -- this way I have to worry about balance and proportion. It is frustrating to me.

After doing this, I am going to put on a backing. I purchased some lightweight flannel the other day with a very simple baby-ish pattern for this purpose. I didn't want something that would stand out too much, so I it's hardly exciting enough to show you. My mother, who loves to sew, will probably help me with it. I don't really enjoy the finishing/sewing aspect of knitting. It is the part to which I always say: "Do I have to?"

I do hope that the mother and/or baby enjoy this blanket. It will make the embroidery stuff worth the time, if they do. But, who am I kidding? I am nuts and will continue on with my knitting addiction, which means I will continue to knit blankets or whatever for every baby or non-baby that I get an excuse for! Whether they appreciate the blankets, etc., or not. Maybe some day I'll even allow myself to feel justified in knitting things for myself....

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