Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oooh, I've been bad about this

I haven't written in a while, it's true. I promised a long time ago that I would show some of my swag from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The colors are sooo delicious. I almost thought about not showing you everything that I got because it's too embarrassing how nuts I went with my coupon from the Rockin' Sock Club, but I have to share because they are so gorgeous that it would be karmically bad for me NOT to share them. Drum roll please . . . here they are:

I feel that I have to point out what you probably already know: these photos don't even begin to do theses yarns justice. For anyone curious enough to ask, those colors are (from left to right): Fairgrounds, Fire on the Mountain, Lemongrass, Puck's Mischief, Rolling Stone, Farmhouse, Love-in-Idleness, and Chapman Springs. The colors don't look much to me in reality like they do online, but, if this is possible, they are EVEN BETTER In person than online. Yes, really. If you're eyeing some Socks that Rock yarn, DO it. That's my two cents worth. Well, okay, let me tell you, it will definitely be more than two cents worth in the end..... It is quite possible to spend maybe a little too much on their website (though not too much in the it's-not-worth-it kind of too much).

As for what I'm going to do with all of this yarn, I have a plan for all of it basically. Most of the plans involve Knitty sock patterns from Cookie A. But, I am going to make the chevron scarf that has made its rounds through so much of knitterdom with the Fire on the Mountain and the Lemongrass. I am hoping that they stand in strong contrast but that it isn't so bright it gets irritating after a while. Here they are:

And, the Fairgrounds colorway is spoken for (by my mother). It looks oddly like it's not nearly as colorful as all the other colorways I got when you see it in a skein:

However, I have taken the image of the Rock and Weave socks as incontrovertible proof that it is full of more colors than one can see at first glance. Of course, it is quite possible that because I'm not using that pattern, it won't be so much. But, I look forward to working with it nonetheless.

I am up to way more than this, but I cannot disclose right this moment what some of those other activities are. They are all good and fun, though....

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