Monday, December 11, 2006

oh why don't i read better??

uff. i was all excited about doing the knitting olympics that the yarn harlot created--i just clicked on the link on her website and FINALLY read about it (i'm relatively new to this online knitting thing). i was actually considering what i wanted to make, etc. then, just now, i realized: duh. it was february of '06. as in ALREADY over. i'm such an idiot sometimes. pretty darn dissappointing. of course, if i actually knew when the winter olympics occurred, that might have clued me in. ha.

the saddest thing about this is not that i no longer get to compete and become a world famous knitter (and to call myself an olympian!!), but that i don't have any particularly legitimate sounding thing to use as an excuse for knitting instead of doing something that i'm supposed to!! argh. so, now i'm back to knitting blankets for peoples' babies and scarves for christmas presents. this means no real challenges and nothing fun for myself. now, of course, this is entirely self-imposed. i do it, though, because i cannot otherwise justify buying tons of expensive yarn and using it. i'm supposed to be looking for a job, for heaven's sake--not spending time and money on knitting...and yet....

is it just me or do other knitters out there find themselves knitting for people who they don't even know all that well just because they're having a baby and have conveniently provided you with an excuse to knit something? i knitted two blankets last year for babies that i've never even met. this year i'm knitting something for a baby that i may never meet. and yet, here i am finding time to knit whenever i can -- using the blanket as an excuse: "i would love to go out with you, but you understand -- the blanket." and everyone looks at me knowingly, "yes, the blanket." because we do this stuff for babies and they need blankets, it will mean so much to the parents, etc. little do they all know... it's not the babies or the parents -- it's the friggin' knitting that makes me do it!!!


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