Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ah, Noro, you vex me

I've begun the multi-directional diagonal scarf by Karen Baumer with my Kureyon yarn and I am psyched at how easy it is. Everyone kept telling me that it was easy, but I didn't believe them...until now. It seems as if the Kureyon and this scarf were made for each other -- each new triangle highlights the self-patterning colors of the beautiful yarn -- and it is lovely. (See how freaking gorgeous this stuff is??) HOWEVER, what I want to know is why Noro makes such rough yarns! I mean, I know that wool is always at least a little scratchy, but can you imagine how lovely and red my neck will be after wearing this scarf for awhile? And yet, I can't think of another yarn that I would rather do this scarf in! Argh. I guess the work around will have to be that I wear something between my scarf and my neck, which completely makes the use of the scarf in the first place moot. But, then again, if I had it hiding under layers of clothing, no one would see my lovely handiwork, right??

On another note, I may finally finish the baby blanket one of these days. Slowly, but surely, that puppy is knitting up. It is going surprisingly quickly, but it is going to be a beast to sew up all those loose ends after I'm done. I know, I know, I probably should have been sewing them in as I go, in order to avoid having a TON of this at the end, but I'm really not that disciplined....

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