Thursday, January 4, 2007

oh, colds

Yes, I have been hit by the lowly cold -- the most common of viruses, and for me, one of the most potent. Damn. I am tired of being sick and tired. Blech. I even went to Joanne's today to get a crafting fix (thought it might help with the cold) and I nearly passed out. Whoa.

I am still knitting along -- when I can hold my head upright -- the scarf w/ the Noro Kureyon. My mother has seconded my feelings of vexation with Noro. She had never seen their yarns before and nearly passed out at how beautiful, b0th texturally and color-wise, their yarn is. She was wishing very much that they had a softer yarn. She claims to still like the one that I made her for Christmas (yes, a sad, sad bit of knitting for holiday), but she does get that crazed look in her eye when she gets around my stash of I'm not so sure I should believe her.

AND the baby blanket. Not getting too far with that baby. Besides being sick, I've been watching too darn many movies w/ subtitles lately!! NOT good for knitting. Just can't do it -- especially with the baby blanket where you actually have to pay attention to the design. Uff.

What I wonder is: how many baby blankets can one reasonably do in a year without going crazy? I have one more I wanted to make for a friend and another friend who is having . . . gulp . . . twins. I was thinking about making something for her. If one has twins, does one get two blankets?? Probably, right?

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