Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Mojo

As I try to figure out which place is the best to receive the hand knitted items that I got as The Hat Lady here in Chicago, I've spent some time with these items and I have to say that they have a remarkable amount of good mojo. It is wonderful to see these items that so many people clearly put time and love into. The Harlot said in her blog something about the thought of homeless folks wearing something that was made with so much love and how good that made her feel. At first I thought this was just a nice sentiment. Then, after seeing these wonderful goods and meeting the people who made them, I have a new understanding and appreciation for what she said.

Here is a picture of all of the items together:

Here are some of the ones I felt like taking close - ups of. They might give you an idea of why I felt so impressed by these guys. Admittedly, maybe these aren't incredibly difficult to do or anything, but they prove (to me at least) that when folks set out to do their knitting for this event, they didn't just slap something together. Everyone made something nice:

It also helped me to appreciate how different we all are as knitters. There are many patterns in the world that I would never do because they are just so not my style. But, when I see them knitted, I can really appreciate their beauty (at least all of those that I got to see here in the hats, etc. -- there are admittedly some patterns in the world that will never look good to me) and am glad that there are so many of us making such different things. Life would be too, too boring if everyone knitted the same things that I do.

So, that's my deep thought for today.

No new reports really about what I'm up to with my knitting. I am STILL weaving in the ends on the baby blanket from a hundred years ago. I still haven't done the accompanying bear for it. I haven't gotten anywhere with my sweater. I had to frog the leg portion of my STR Inside-out Socks, because my cables made the leg too tight. And on it goes....

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