Friday, April 13, 2007

One down, one to go....

Well, I finally finished ONE of my Inside Out Socks from the Rockin' Sock Club's February 2007 kit. I did the toes and heels on 1s, the main part of the foot on 0s, and the leg on 3s!!! Here are some pictures of the sock, which is meant to be wearable on either side! (I don't know why I can't get any good colors with my camera. Obviously it has to do with light. Sorry if you can't really tell what the socks look like....)

The sock:

The sock's cable from the outside:

The sock's cable from the inside:

I feel like a big loser for having taken so long to complete this, but what can I say? I really have knitted about 4 of them, if you count all of my froggings, so I tell myself that I'm not just incredibly slow. The result of my latest obsession with finishing them is a very sore wrist, by the way. There has to be a way to do this without injuring myself. I'm gonna have to figure that out -- I don't want sock knitting to be a painful experience every time.

So, why did I have to frog the darn things so many times? The short answer is: because I've never done cables before. The first time I did the leg I did it on 2s. The legs looked good, but I got nearly to the end and decided to try them on. Well ... that was when I learned that my cables were WAY too tight. I ripped them apart and started the legs again.

The second time I did it, I realized that I changed my pattern somewhere and needed to fix it (not paying attention) and had to rip it, rip it, rip it. The third time, I realized that I was just completely wrong about the pattern. Somehow I had managed to make up a pattern that was only loosely based upon the actual pattern. Anyway, ripped that apart. I cannot believe that particular mistake and have a hard time pardoning myself for it.

Needless to say, by the time I figured everything out, I went nuts trying to finally get one finished. And I did. Which, as I noted above, caused me big pain. But I'm still happy to have the darn thing finished. I look forward to finishing the second sock and doing it right the whole time.

If it wasn't for my bazillion froggings of the sock, I would change a few things in my second sock. Since I don't want to re-do the first one to make it match the second one, though, I won't. The changes I would make are:
a) I would change the length of the foot. I think I did it a little too long. Actually, I might change that in the second one anyway because I think that it won't be too noticeable a difference between the two socks.
b) the gauge of the foot. I think I might play with the needle size on the foot. I think in the long run, it might be a smidge too tight on my foot. It's not painfully too tight or anything -- no lost circulation, to be sure. It's just what I think is wrong with it. Lastly,
c) I would try to knit the leg on 2s instead of 3s and just be really loose when doing the cables. However, because it actually fits on my leg on 3s, I'm NOT touching them again!

TOTALLY UNRELATED QUESTION: if you were to receive a baby sweater, would you rather get a cardigan or a pullover? Which one is easier for parents to use? I can imagine arguments for either one. Also, if I do a cardigan, what is the deal with the buttons? What do I have to do to make sure they aren't buttons that will be put into the mouth and choked on?



Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Great job! As for your sore wrists, I think the same ergonomic rules about repetitive motion and/or sitting at your computer all day applies (take frequent breaks, etc).

As for baby sweaters, if you make a pullover, you need to make sure the neck is sufficiently wide (or super stretchy) to go over the baby's head since his/her head is disportionately larger than their bodies.

If you make a cardigan, just make sure you sew the button on very securely. I can't find the reference online at the moment, but small toy parts under 1.25" in diameter are supposed to be kept away from babies.

Holly said...

Mine are all teens now. when they were babies I did a lot of pullovers, but found them a pain.

Then I shifted to cardigans, and had the same worry as you mentioned about the buttons. It is not an issue for the tinies, since they don't have the ability to get them off, but it certainly does apply after 6 months.

Compromise? I put in zippers.

most recently I have used the Back-Zip Baby sweater pattern from Fiber Trends (39CH). If you want to see pix - go to here and see what they look like.

The great thing is how quickly most baby sweaters knit. FO pleasure.


Tiffanie said...

There is some good hand and wrist therapy in "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Fallick. My library has a copy - yours might have one, too.

When I have received and have given baby sweaters as gifts, I have had the best luck with cardigans - they are easier to get on and off.

I enjoyed your STR sock pictures. I had my first frogging experience with the Inside Out socks yesterday - somehow I put 4 cables around on the first cable round instead of 3. I didn't notice my mistake until 10 rows later when I tried to do the second cable round and couldn't get it to line up right with the first set of cables. Whoops! But it's all knitting, so it's all fun.

-- Tiffanie

knit_witch said...

Pullovers are fine but it's still better if you use buttons on the shoulder to the neck. You have no idea how many sweaters my kids couldn't wear becuase they couldn't get thier heads through the hole. I have one with a really large head. After 6 months, use buttons that won't fit into a camera film canister and you will be fine. I'm preggo with number 3 and I've knit cardigans this time.

BeanMama said...

Baby stuff: I would say either a cardigan or a pullover with buttons on the side so you don't have to worry about getting them over the baby's head. Babies generally don't like that anyway. I only used cardigans with my daughter for that reason. Buttons -- you just want something in a natural material (wood, bone, vegetable ivory,) with no painted designs, and sew it on VERY securely. You don't want to use plastic buttons of any kind since buttons are made of non-food-grade plastic and babies WILL get them in their mouths at some point.

If you're worried about buttons, forego them and do a zipper. :)

Celtic Queen said...

I knit baby sweaters on a regular basis for family and friends and have kids of my own. I love knitting cardigans (Cottage Creation's Babies and Bears, PeaPod, etc.) and I'm the type who loves pullover sweaters in general. Cardigans are just better for quickly growing tiny people. As for the buttons, KNIT them in. Find buttons with a shank, pull a stitch through the shank, and continue knitting. Hardest part is planning where your buttons go. Feel free to contact me if you need more direction.

Trish said...

Great sock. I wish my cables looked that crisp!

I am partial to the pullover myself. I just really don't like the look of baby cardigans on baby boys (too girly or something) and I think that pullovers are less common. I think a pull over with buttons on the side is a nice idea for babies whose heads are small and wobbly.

Queue said...

Great lookin' sock! I also had to frog mine a few million times. As to the baby sweater, I'd like to put a vote in for cardigan - perhaps with a zipper? Or, you could sew in snaps - I'm pretty sure you could buy snaps already attached to fabric tape, that might work. But like knit_witch said, babies have inordinately big heads. Keep on chuggin' on the second sock!

The Twisted Knitster said...

When my girlie was super little, either was fine, but now that she's one, pullovers are SOOO much easier. She wont sit still for buttons/snaps/zippers on ANYTHING, but she understands and helps out with pullovers. Just make sure the neck is big or stretchy enough!

laurie in maine said...

I've just knit my first baby shower sweater gift - hooded zipper in back. Details on my blog but I chose it because I remembered it being the best thing EVER to get on or off a sleeping baby. I still need to put in the zipper - hopefully that goes well! I used a free online pattern and made lots of changes; may buy a pattern now that I have that one out of my system!

Angela said...

Great job on the monsoon sock!

It seems like the verdict is 50/50 on the baby sweaters, but my preference has always been pullovers. I have a 3 year old and a 18 month old so I just went through this twice. The cutest outfits always seem to have buttons and snaps, and to me they were always a hassle. Babies are fidgety and I find that their clothes sometimes twist on their bodies. If they have a cardigan, the buttons sometimes end up twisting to their side and popping open. So my vote is always simpler clothing to put on, and a pullover would be great - however you do just have to make sure you leave a stretchy neck hole. Good luck! Please let us know which one you go with!

bethc said...

My recent baby sweaters have be wraps... the Kimono from Mason Dixon and the Baby Yoda. You can see photos of both on my blog

Tabitha said...

Your socks look great! I am still working on my second sock too and it's not moving along as quick as the first one did...

About the baby sweater - For me, part of it would depend on the baby's gender. If it was a boy, I would rather have a pullover, with buttons at the side of the neck, and for a girl a pullover. I also really like the little wrap sweaters on girls and have made my little one several now. I also made her a pinwheel sweater ( which is really cute and doesn't have any buttons on the front. Hope this helps you choose!

Spastic Shepherd said...

Hmm, I really like cardigans for infants, but once they're able to sit up pullovers are just as easy.
There was a RSC participant in Heidelberg, I think, who had made these 3 fantastic baby sweaters with zippers up the back--a beautiful idea. Now I see she posted here too!
Holly at
Scroll down to April 4.
Great job on the Inside Out! sock!